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From a Hopeless Child to a Leader in Deaf Community

Being a Deaf little boy of an old Persian royal family was not easy, especially in the time of the Iranian revolution (1978-1979) and Iran–Iraq war (1980-1988). And yet, this is how my life begins. Even under the support of highly educated parents, the challenges I faced as a deaf child were complicated by the Iranian social contexts.

My personal experience of such unequal treatment urged me to be a Deaf advocate. I became highly involved to Deaf community to increase societal awareness about Deaf people—our challenges, our resilience, and especially our potential. Years later, I relocated to a Canada, a place I now call “home”, to continue my higher education, even though this meant I had to learn English and American Sign Language from scratch.

In this presentation, you will be invited to a compelling life story of deafness, silence, and oppression, a story, in the meantime, striking a resonating note of survival, resilience, and determination.

Thursday, March 23, 2017
3:00pm - 3:45pm
Library 2nd floor
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