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Join in a vibrant conversation of social transitions, bathroom battles, sexuality, hormones, pronouns and surgeries. Dig into the impacts that ASKING, AFFIRMING, and RESPECTING can have on the lives of the gender diverse population and their families. Open your minds and hearts as you engage in stories that are beyond pink and blue.

Dawn: Curriculum Development Manager, singer extraordinaire, and mother of 2 including 1 flamboyant female-to-male (he/him/his) son speaks of her misconceptions, the struggle to look in the mirror and the joy that comes with an open heart.

Debbie: Manager of College Learning, Teaching and Development, world traveler, and mother of 1 non-binary young adult (they/them/theirs) speaks of her journey with her child as they collectively navigate self-identity and extreme pride
Carla: Pharmacist turned instructor, author, photographer, and mother of 3 including 1 eccentric male-to-female daughter (she/her/hers) speaks of her experience fighting the education and healthcare systems in an effort to ensure privacy and appropriate care for the transgender population.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
9:30am - 10:30am
Library 2nd floor
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